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Content Enhancement

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  • Content Enhancement brochure
  • Content Enhancement Routines are used by teachers to teach curriculum content to academically diverse classes in ways that all students can understand and remember key information. Content Enhancement is an instructional method that relies on using powerful teaching devices to organize and present curriculum content in an understandable and easy-to-learn manner. Teachers identify content that they deem to be most critical and teach it using a powerfully designed teaching routine that actively engages students with the content.

    Content Enhancement is a way of teaching an academically diverse group of students in which four conditions prevail:

    1. Both group and individual needs are valued and met.
    2. The integrity of the content is maintained.
    3. Critical features of the content are selected and transformed in a way that promotes learning for all students.
    4. Instruction is carried out in a partnership with students.

    Some Content Enhancement Routines help teachers think about and organize content, then present it in such a way that students can see the organization. Others help teachers explain text, topics, and details. A third group helps teach complex concepts so students gain a deep understanding and develop a shared vocabulary for talking about important information. A final group of routines help students complete work in the classroom.

    All of the routines promote direct, explicit instruction. This type of instruction helps students who are struggling, but it also facilitates problem-solving and critical thinking skills for students who are doing well in class.

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