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Center for Research on Learning


The Stratepedia initiative studies the effects of emerging collaboration technologies and practices on content literacy, professional development, and education research. The tools developed at Stratepedia are available to all projects related to CRL and SIM.

To visit the Stratepedia site, click here.

Stratepedia Technology Supports

Stratepedia is a suite of online supports for the Content Literacy Continuum. This toolkit is designed for professional developers, teachers, administrators, and researchers actively working in CLC. These tools may be mixed and matched depending on the needs of the school or district.

Coaching Calendar

Coaching Calendar is a scheduling manager for schools and districts involved in instructional coaching and the Content Literacy Continuum. Coaches and teachers may easily track upcoming coaching appointments, and site coordinators and administrators may review and download appointment data for analysis.


Depot is an online exchange of learning devices for teachers, administrators and professional developers using Content Enhancement. Examples may be shared in a variety of file formats. A private group structure allows professional developers to interact discreetly with teachers in individual buildings.


Dossier provides secure online storage and easy access of CLC-related data. With Dossier, researchers can deploy web-based assessments without the need to know HTML or web programming, and view simple representations of data in real time. Data may be downloaded for more advanced analysis.

Learning Labs

The Learning Labs are online communities of practice, learning and support for educators, particularly those working with the Strategic Instruction Model or CLC initiatives. The Learning Labs provide a variety of collaboration tools including discussion boards, file sharing, and group wikis.

Hello (The Stratepedia Blog)

Hello is a blog focused on making technology more user-friendly (and even fun!) for the individuals involved in CLC initiatives.

Stratepedia Guidebooks

The Stratepedia Guidebooks provide detailed, step-by-step instruction in the use of the Stratepedia toolkit. Each guidebook may be viewed online or saved to PDF for printing.