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Center for Research on Learning


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Building a Computer Adaptive Test for Assessing Reading Comprehension
This joint initiative between KU-CRL and the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation will develop and test a computer adaptive test (CAT) that can accurately measure student progress toward improved reading proficiency.

Fusion Reading
Fusion Reading helps ninth- and 10th-grade struggling readers find the motivation to read and teaches them the skills and strategies to improve their reading fluency and comprehension.

MATRIX: Middle School Achievement through Technology-Rich Interventions
MATRIX will co-opt the power of simulations and games to draw fourth- through 10th-grade students into learning situations that show them the relevance of mastering life's essential math and literacy skills.

National Research Center on Learning Disabilities
The National Research Center on Learning Disabilities studies an array of questions related to identifying students with learning disabilities and develops tools and recommendations that promote the use of research-based best practices.
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Pathways to Success
Pathways to Success is a comprehensive, whole-district project encompassing improved math and literacy instruction for all students, improved communication with students' families, and school-based coaches who support quality innovations in the classroom.

Professional Development Materials to Develop Student Knowledge and Skills of Scientific Argumentation
This project will produce materials to help middle school science teachers guide their students in developing their knowledge and skills related to scientific argumentation.

Steppingstones: The Development of Software to Ensure Access to Science Text Through the Strategic eTutor
Strategic eTutor, a collaboration between KU-CRL and the Center for Applied Special Technology, is a computer-supported learning environment for mastery of content found in high school biology textbooks.

Strategic Advantage: Model Demonstration Projects for Children with Disabilities
The Strategic Advantage collaboration effort between KU-CRL and the Topeka, Kansas, school district provides an intensive, comprehensive education model for at-risk ninth-grade students.

Strategic Instruction Model Teacher Training Project
This Virginia State Improvement Grant initiative promotes access to and success with the general education curriculum and content for students with disabilities through KU-CRL's Content Literacy Continuum and Strategic Instruction Model.

Tools for Enhancing Preservice Efforts to Prepare Teachers and Administrators to Effectively Educate Struggling Readers
This project aims to help college and university professors prepare future teachers and administrators to address the challenges faced by struggling adolescent readers.

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Whole-School Initiatives
KU-CRL staff members are working with 18 middle schools and high schools in California, Washington, Michigan, Florida, and Texas to improve literacy outcomes schoolwide and to improve accessibility to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities.

Xtreme Reading
Xtreme Reading is a new class designed to allow adolescents to develop the reading and writing skills they need to pass required classes, graduate from high school, and prepare for the future.
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KU-CRL's ALTEC division leverages online and technological innovations to put advanced tools in the hands of teachers and students.
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Division of Adult Studies
Researchers in KU-CRL's Division of Adult Studies extend the work of our Center to adults, concentrating especially on literacy and health policy.
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eLearning Design Lab
KU-CRL's eLearning Design Lab explores the use of online technology to reach educators and students.
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