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Center for Research on Learning


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  • 23rd Annual Florida SIM Update
    • Leaping into SIM
  • Council for Exceptional Children Annual Convention 2008 (Note: These are all pdf files)
    • Content Literacy Continuum for Striving Readers Overview (by Don Deshler, University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning, and Suzanne Robinson, Strategic Learning Center)
    • Literacy Leadership Teams: District and Building Support of CLC | Administrator Tip Sheets | Handouts | (By Suzanne Robinson, Strategic Learning Center, Ann Ferriter, Striving Readers Implementation Officer, and Ann Southworth, Assistant Superintendent, Springfield Public School District, Mass.)
    • Improving Literacy Outcomes with Planning with Course and Unit Organizers in Subject Matter Classes (By Michael Faggella-Luby, University of Connecticut, and Colleen O'Conner, Literacy Coach, Sci-Tech High School, Springfield, Mass.)
    • Using Content Enhancement Routines to Ensure Mastery of Critical Content Despite Poor Literacy Skills (By Dottie Turner , SIM Professional Developer, Pam Leitzell, SIM Professional Developer, and Kris Theriault, Supervisor of Social Studies, Chicopee High School, Chicopee, Mass.>
    • Intensive Instruction: Xtreme Reading and Strategic Reading and Writing Interventions (By Nanette Fritschmann, Lehigh University, and Neil Rosario, Chicopee Comp High School, Chicopee, Mass.)
    • Program evaluation of schoolwide literacy initiatives: Using data to determine direction (By Suzanne Robinson, Strategic Learning Center and University of Kansas)

  • 2007

  • Council for Exceptional Children Annual Convention 2007
    • RTI in Middle and High School: How Will the Game Play Out? | Handouts | (by Charlie Hughes, Penn State University, and Don Deshler, University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning)
  • 2005

  • International Council for Learning Disabilities 2005
    • Building Background Knowledge for Literacy: Tying Standards-Based Planning to Inclusive Teaching
  • Council for Exceptional Children Annual Convention & Expo 2005
    • Can Secondary Schools Reform to Meet the Needs of All Students? (by Deshler, Don and Sprick, Randy)
    • Instructional Coaching: Ensuring Implementation and Sustainability (by McKale, Tricia and Knight, Jim)
    • Teaching Content to All: Promoting Content Mastery in Subject Area Courses (by Harris, Monica and Lenz, Keith)
    • Teaching Learning Strategies in Subject-Area Courses and Support Settings (by Shumaker, Jean; Scheuermann, Amy; Faggella-Luby, Michael)
    • Students Who Need More: Levels 4 and 5 of the Content Literacy Continuum (by Ehren, Barbara J.)


  • Council for Exceptional Children Annual Convention & Expo 2004
    (note: These files show two Powerpoint slides per page in .pdf format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print these files.)
    • Overview of the Content Literacy Continuum (CLC)
    • Description of the CLC Levels (by Lenz, Keith and Ehren, Barbara)
    • CLC Level 1 (by Bulgren, Janis and Harris, Monica)
    • CLC Level 2 (by Faggella-Luby, Michael and Knight, Jim)
    • CLC Level 3 (by Schumaker, Jean and Scheuermann, Amy)
    • CLC Levels 4&5 (by Brasseur, Irma; Fritschmann, Nanette; Ehren, Barbara J.)
    • CLC Course Organizer


  • Possible Selves (by Hock, Michael F.)
  • Long Island Association of Special Education Administrators (by Deshler, Don)
  • Closing the Performance Gap with Research-Based Interventions
  • Educational Research: The Hardest Science of All!!! (by (Includes CRL's standards for field-testing interventions and guiding principles)
  • Bright Futures for Exceptional Learners (Describes the results of a CEC study)
  • The Rules May Be Changing! (Describes the mission and goals of CRL's new project, the National Research Center on Learning Disabilities)

  • 2002

  • Don Deshler: Candace S. Bos Memorial Lecture (September 2002)

  • Other Presentations by CRL Staff

  • Don Deshler: President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education Research Task Force (April 2002) Prepared remarks. | Word format | Adobe Acrobat Reader format |