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Center for Research on Learning

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Content Enhancement Routines

  • The Clarifying Routine
    ...a description of this new Content Enhancement Routine
  • Creative course organizer one creative teacher used the Course Organizer Routine to launch her history course
  • The Framing Routine
    ...a description of this new Content Enhancement Routine
  • Raising questions about questions analysis of teacher-student verbal interactions
  • Using the Quality Assignment Routine
    ...a description of this new Content Enhancement Routine

Content Literacy Continuum

  • Strategic Content Literacy Initiative: Focusing on Reading in Secondary Schools introduction to the Strategic Content Literacy Initiative, exploring links between strategic instruction and schoolwide reform efforts

In the Classroom

  • Above and Beyond: Effective teaching involves more than checklists and mnemonics
    ..."artistry behaviors" that set master teachers apart
  • Focusing on what's best for students
    ...Richard Lavoie's address to the 1998 National SIM Trainers' Conference
  • An Interview with Randy Sprick
    ...2004 International SIM Conference keynote speaker
  • >Smarter Planning: Considering curriculum in light of standards-based reform
    ...why educators must think differently about selecting content to reflect learning expectations specified in state and local standards
  • Teaching...on purpose
    ..."big principles" of effective instruction as described by Dr. Sharon Vaughn of the University of Texas

Learning Strategies

  • CRL committed to strategies instruction explanation of the relationship between Content Enhancement Routines and Learning Strategies
  • Group think
    ...a description of the Cooperative Thinking Strategies Series
  • A new Starter Strategy: InSPECT
    ...a description of the new strategy for use with word-processor spellcheckers
  • Practicing the Storage Strand Strategies
    ...a description of this new manual
  • Sentence Writing Strategy revised
    ...a description of the new two-level Sentence Writing Strategy program
  • Strategy instruction & tutoring
    ...a description of strategic tutoring, a way of helping students meet both short- and long-term learning needs
  • Student motivation and commitment: A cornerstone of strategy instruction
    ...a description of the Possible Selves program
  • Talking Together
    ...a description of the first program in the Community Building Series.
  • Using Paired Associates with FORCE: Combining strategies boosts study skills
    ...a method to integrating CRL strategies with other programs

Miscellaneous Articles

  • Deshler responds to New Republic article
    ...a letter to the editor of the New Republic magazine regarding its article, "Defining Disability Down"
  • The future of special education
    ...a description of Floyd Hudson's Class-within-a-Class program
  • Key factors for reading comprehension
    ...a summary of Dr. Michael Pressley's keynote address to the 1997 National SIM Trainers' Conference
  • Language-sensitive SIM examination of issues associated with language difficulties
  • Preparing for an online future
    ...a look at the movement toward developing Web-based courses
  • Putting the special in special education
    ...a summary of Dr. Naomi Zigmond's keynote address to the 1999 International SIM Trainers' Conference
  • School Finance 101
    ...a school district's success story related to increasing its professional development budget
  • SIM to the rescue? Maybe...maybe not!
    ...five factors that are essential for bringing about meaningful, long-lasting change in schools
  • A subtle, yet significant name change explanation of the decision to re-name the Institute
  • Taking a cue from business: Maximizing staff development ROI to measure the effectiveness of staff development sessions
  • We've Been Waiting for This Moment...Are We Ready?
    ...federal focus shifts to literacy needs of adolescents
  • What's happening at the Center for Research on Learning
    ...a look at organizational changes and the new charter at KU-CRL

Professional Development

  • Archer shares thoughts on staff development interview with the educational consultant on lesson design and presentation skills
  • Preparing for Learning Strategies professional development sessions
    • PROCESS: Presenting Learning Strategies
      ...ideas for preparing for professional development sessions
    • Basic training: Presenting Learning Strategies
      ...more ideas for preparing for professional development sessions
  • Teacher-Guided Professional Development
    • Partnership Learning
      ...a method of planning and delivering staff development sessions
    • Find Strategy: Problem-solving process structures in Teacher-Guided Professional Development
      ...a description of ways to help teachers identify and solve problems as they learn about learning strategies or teaching routines
    • Dynamic Planning: A process structure from Teacher-Guided Professional Development activity that can be used to help workshop participants develop implementation plans
    • Seeking first to understand
      ...a process of using interviews to make professional development sessions more successful
    • Seeking first to understand
      ...more about the process of using interviews to make professional development sessions more successful
  • Rethinking staff development way to meet the needs of a district's students and staff despite fiscal limitations

Successful SIM Programs

  • Connecting: Michigan training network promotes SIM statewide
    ...two Michigan groups join to forces to improve the learning experience for all students
  • Lab offers strategic help after school
    ...a Model Learning Lab in Henderson County, Kentucky
  • Learning excitement: Students find success in strategic tutoring program
    ...results of a pilot after-school strategic tutoring program at a middle school
  • Michigan team creates winning program effort to improve reading skills at Muskegon, Michigan, High School
  • Our Three-Strategy School Year: An Adventure in Learning
    ...the story of a year of strategic learning for a SIM professional developer and three students
  • Pathways to success
    ...a description of a whole-school improvement project under way in Topeka, Kansas
  • SIM instruction with a tropical flair
    ...a SIM professional developer's work with missionary families in Southeast Asia and Oceania
  • A supportive learning environment: Creating the invitational classroom with SIM
    ...experiences blending the SCORE Skills with an educational theory called Invitational Education
  • A tactile strategy
    ...adapting strategies and routines for use with visually impaired students