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Center for Research on Learning

For the press

What is the Center for Research on Learning?

Since 1978, the Center for Research on Learning at the University of Kansas has developed ways to help students, especially adolescents who struggle in school, to become good learners.

What is the Strategic Instruction Model?

The Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) is a comprehensive approach to teaching adolescents who struggle with becoming good readers, writers, and learners. It is based on the reality that to meet high standards, adolescents must be able to read and understand large volumes of complex, difficult reading materials. Additionally, they must acquire the skills to express themselves effectively in writing.

What is the Content Literacy Continuum?

The Content Literacy Continuum describes five levels of literacy support that should be in place in every high school. It emphasizes how important it is to infuse literacy instruction throughout the high school curriculum.

How does SIM respond to current education laws?

Not only are schools now required to show student gains, they also have to prove that they use teaching methods grounded in research. Evidence-based practices are key features in recent education legislation, including the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Extensive research, which has been reviewed by scientific panels at the U.S. Department of Education and other public agencies, demonstrates that use of SIM interventions can improve student performance in inclusive settings or on grade-appropriate tasks. Leading academic pubications also have documented SIM findings.

What is the International Professional Development Network?

Well-prepared teachers are essential to the successful implementation of SIM interventions. It is imperative that teachers receive high quality, continuing professional development and that they have access to the necessary instructional supports and teaching materials. Teachers learn how to implement SIM components from certified instructors, known as SIM Professional Developers. More than 1,000 SIM Professional Developers throughout the country belong to our International Professional Development Network.