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Center for Research on Learning

4 Divisions

Institute for Effective Instruction (IEI)

The Institute for Effective Instruction studies factors related to academic achievement, designs interventions that dramatically improve the performance of learners, and develops systems to ensure implementation success.

Division of Adult Studies (DAS)

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Division of Adult Studies is committed to enhancing quality of life for people with disabilities or who experience societal and ecological barriers. This commitment is achieved through efficacy-based, transdisciplinary, consumer-focused methods that result in improved practice and experiences for numerous stakeholders.

E-Learning Design Lab

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The mission of the eLearning Design Laboratory is to explore new uses of technology to enhance learning environments that meet the educational and training needs of society. This involves the study, development, and research of new designs, principles, practices, tools, and policies that contribute to the pedagogy of e-learning.

Advanced Learning Technologies (ALTEC)

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ALTEC is committed to taking hold of the promise of technology to empower learners of all types and ages. ALTEC supports more than 20 million users a month focusing on instructional web-based resources, professional development, program support, scaleable online assessment, and assistance for those with special needs.