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Center for Research on Learning

Researcher Bios

Marilyn Ault

Executive Director, ALTEC

Dr. Ault's areas of interests include the development and evaluation of the educational application of technology (K-12) as well as the innovative application of emerging technologies for professional development and dissemination.

Janis Bulgren

Associate Research Professor

Dr. Bulgren's interests lie in the design and implementation of teaching routines for use by general content teachers whose classes include students with learning disabilities and at-risk students. Routines focus on ways teachers can plan for and instruct students in mastery of critical content information and match assessments to instruction.

Jerry Chaffin

Executive Director, ALTEC

Don Deshler

Director, KU-CRL

Dr. Deshler's projects and activities focus on program design and implementation of strategic-based interventions for students at risk for failure and on assisting schools and professionals in the process of educational change and professional growth. He consults nationally on topics related to adolescent literacy, strategic instruction, and school- and district-wide educational innovations.

Barbara Ehren

Research Associate

Dr. Ehren's research activities involve large-scale adolescent literacy program design, innovations in professional development methods, and the interconnectedness of speech and language processes with literacy skill acquisition.

Jim Ellis

Associate Professor
Curriculum and Teaming

Dr. Ellis' research interests are in the design, development, and implementation of reforms in science education that improve teaching and learning for all students. His research emphasizes the exploration of universal design and content enhancement routines to improve conceptual learning and inquiry skills in science by students who often are unsuccessful in science classrooms.

Jean Hall

Assistant Research Professor, DAS

Dr. Jean Hall is an assistant research professor whose research interests focus on health policy and access issues for people with disabilities. She has worked on state and federal projects related to education, employment, and health care for people with disabilities in the educational, welfare to work, One-Stop, TW-WIIA, Medicaid, and Medicare systems.

Michael Hock

Associate Director, KU-CRL

Dr. Hock's research involves the development and validation of reading and student motivation interventions that respond to the needs of districts or agencies as well as the needs of academically underprepared adolescents and adults. His interests also include staff development and the change process.

Richard Johnson

Sr. Research Associate, DAS

Jim Knight

Research Associate

Dr. Knight is a leading authority on the topic of instructional coaching. His interests include school- and districtwide education innovation, professional learning communities, collaboration, and team problem-solving.

Keith Lenz

Associate Professor, Department of Special Education

Dr. Lenz is a lead researcher in the development and implementation of the Content Literacy Continuum, a schoolwide approach to promoting adolescent literacy. His interests include schoolwide implementation of strategic instruction, teacher planning for academic diversity, translating state standards into effective classroom practice, curriculum planning and design, strategic instruction, and technology-enabled advances in education.

Daryl Mellard

Director, Division of Adult Studies

Dr. Mellard's research activities center on assessments and determination process for students with learning disabilities, post-secondary programming, and adult literacy accommodation models.

Ed Meyen

Director, eLearning Design Lab

Dr. Mellard's research activities center on assessments and determination process for students with learning disabilities, post-secondary programming, and adult literacy accommodation models.

Earl Knowlton

Associate Professor, SPED

Dr. Knowlton's areas of interest are in applications of instructional and telecommunications technology to teacher preparation and development. Specific recent work has involved the use of interactive video and wireless audio technologies to prepare, coach, mentor, and evaluate teachers in their work with K-12 students with learning and behavior disorders and other disabilities.

Jean Schumaker

Associate Director, KU-CRL

Dr. Schumaker's research has focused on strategic instruction, social skills instruction, motivation/self-control, content enhancement, cooperative strategies, community building in classrooms and schools, the use of computerized instruction for teachers and students, instructional methodologies, and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Brenda Myles

Associate Professor, SPED

Richard Simpson

Professor, SPED

Sean Smith

Assistant Professor, SPED